Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Renewables making smart grid a top priority

The Chinese government has had the foresight to consider the needs of the country's grid development, supporting smart grid projects with favorable policies that embrace change and the implementation of new technology.

Fraunhofer researching micro smart grid

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute Center are incorporating a mix of renewables into the design of a smart grid for Germany's largest charging station, where the network of charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) is becoming more tightly meshed.

Can HVDC match AC's popularity?

Direct current (DC) transmission lines date back to 1882, but went out of style in favor of alternating current (AC). That has once again changed with at least 660 MW of load demand in New York alone powered by DC, which is twice as efficient as AC.

Energy storage 2013 and beyond

Smart grid energy storage technologies, and related software applications, experienced significant advancements in 2013. Utilities around the world deployed new energy storage systems and participated in pilot projects aimed at producing a more dependable and sustainable grid. Recent announcements of several key energy storage projects demonstrate expanding strategies in the industry.

Smartcity Malaga: 5 years later

Endesa has released the findings of the first five years of its Smartcity Malaga project, including milestones reached during 2009 and 2013-- the success achieved has turned Smartcity Malaga into a real-world laboratory for developing electricity distribution technologies.

GridSTAR leverages Smart Grid Experience Center

The GridSTAR (Grid Smart Training and Application Resource) Center is working with the Philadelphia Solar Schools Initiative to teach students about the benefits of solar energy. One of GridSTAR Center's central missions is to serve as a regional hands-on education and research resource for Smart Grid technologies, policies and business practices, and was created to develop and deliver responsive professional and skilled workforce educational programming that is aligned with the caliber and pace of emerging smart grid investments and markets.

ConEd smart grid innovation feeds excess power into the grid

Smart grid innovation by Con Edison engineers has enabled a restaurant supply company in the Bronx to install the largest solar array in New York City and feed excess power into the grid. The 4,760 high-efficiency solar panels at Jetro Cash and Carry's Restaurant Depot facility provide 1.56 MW of electricity for the refrigeration, freezers and other equipment at the business in Hunts Point.

Con Edison bringing smart grid to Wall Street

With one of the highest load densities in the world, Con Edison's smart grid demonstration project encompasses a complex and diverse test bed, including critical organizations such as Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, major medical facilities, and hubs for national and global communications.

Cadillac meets smart grid

The Cadillac ELR will be able to communicate with the smart grid when it rolls off the production line utilizing the luxury coupe's extended range electric vehicle technology and OnStar-enabled solutions that can schedule, start, stop, and monitor charging, as well as allowing access to time-of-use data.

Duke Energy funding smart grid research and innovation

Duke Energy is working alongside South Carolina Electric and Gas (SCE&G) and Clemson University (CU) to deliver new grid technologies to the industry. The world's most-advanced energy systems testing and research center supported by a $3.5 million gift from SCE&G and recently named the SCE&G Energy Innovation Center, marks the beginning of groundbreaking research, education and innovation at the Clemson University Restoration Institute (CURI) campus. Duke is contributing $5 million to help fund laboratory infrastructure and educational program development and fund a Smart Grid Technology Endowed Chair.